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SevenBond LDPE - SevenBond Aluminium Cladding
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SEVENBOND® aluminium composite panel is a light weight composite material comprising of two aluminium sheets and a core made of low density polyethylene. Sevenbond panel is the preferred choice for prominent building designers that desire a high quality aluminium panels that provide a vibrant and clean finish cladding.


With its excellent track record and exceptional value, SEVENBOND® panel is probably today the most popular ACP in South East Asia, having a significant market presence in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


Sevenbond is easy to use and fabricate and can be installed to achieve various flat or curve surfaces. Besides standard solid or metallic colours, Sevenbond panels can also be coated with timber, stone and chameleon colour effects.


Product certified to MS 2571 and issued with CIDB PPS certificate for Exterior & Interior Wall Cladding

Ultra-modern look and excellent flatness

Light weight and rigid

Great formability and stability

Excellent weather resistance

Various colour/finishing options

Low maintenance

Full manufacturer’s warranty

Eco-friendly materials


With a variety of finishes and excellent properties, SEVENBOND panel allows the designer to exercise his full spectrum of imagination and creativity but without compromising on quality. SEVENBOND is suitable for the various applications listed below:

External and interior wall cladding

Modern building facelift and refurbishment

Canopies, pillar & column wraps

Fins and copings

Signage and outdoor advertising

Tunnel linings and ceilings


Compliance Certified to MS 2571 and CIDB, PPS
Thickness 4.0mm
Aluminium Skin 0.5mm (Option: 0.4mm)
Alloy 3003
Tensile Strength (min) 165N/mm2
0.2% Proof Stress (min) 145N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity 70,000N/mm2
Finish KYNAR 500® PVDF paint by PPG. Coated surface shall meet the specification and performance requirement according to AAMA 2605. Coated surface shall be carried out by PPG authorized applicator.
Standard size (W) 1250mm/1500mm
Standard size (L) 3200mm or 4000mm. Custom-ordered length is also available.


Select from a range of chart topping and durable colour from the range of SEVENBOND® high performance PVDF finishes. Whatever is your application, you will have a stunning and satisfying end-result. The SEVENBOND® colour chart represents the range of standard colours, but custom colour matching is available upon request.