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Seven Stone Hycomb - SevenBond Aluminium Cladding
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The special feature of this product is that the top is laminated with genuine granite stone or marble and backed with an aluminium honeycomb panel.


Surface Natural Stone Veneer (Marble, Granite)
Bottom Aluminium Sheet
Honeycomb Stucture AA3003 Aluminium Foil
Adhesives Modified astronautic grade epoxy resin (-40°C to 150°C for long term)


Front Sheet 4 – 6mm natural stone veneer
Reverse Panel 13mm or 18mm aluminium honeycomb panel
Total Thickness 18±1mm or 24mm±1mm
Standard Size 1220mm x 2400mm
Weight 15.5kg/m² (for 20mm)
Adhesive Astronautic series epoxy resin (used between: -40°C to 150°C)

Adhesive Strength
a) Shear Strength Room temperature ≥ 25MPa; 100˚C ≥ 15MPa
b)Sheet core peeling strength Room temperature ≥ 0.44MPa

Honeycomb Core Adhesive Strength
a) Node Room temperature ˃13N/cm;
Shear Strength Room temperature ≥ 0.44MPa
Comparison List Between Stone Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel And Solid Stone